Look at s' Lüftenegger - where the renowned stone pine tree is at home

For perfect well-being during your holiday in the Zirbenpension

The Swiss stone pine is popularly known as the "Queen of the Alps". And also in our Zirbenpension the tough and majestic coniferous tree plays a supporting role. The positive effect of the essential stone pine oils on humans has been known for centuries. Used primarily in parlours and bedrooms, the scent has a positive effect on the respiratory system, lowers the heart rate and ensures restful sleep. In combination with increased deep sleep phases, this gives you an enormous quality of life.


There is a power from eternity, and it is green.

A cutting-edge medicine of the future will be primarily concerned with prevention, i.e. with the preservation of human health. We therefore try to make your holiday in the Zirbenpension as pleasant as possible. We accompany you on hikes, show you the treasures of nature in the UNESCO Biosphere Park in Salzburg Lungau, and offer you daily tips for mindfulness exercises so that you can perceive your surroundings and the beauty of the many small things around you, in the now.

It's time to arrive and take a deep breath!

The Swiss stone pine can be found at altitudes of up to 2,500 metres in Salzburg, and can live for up to 1,000 years. Another pillar of our philosophy includes exercise ,in our unique mountain world, located in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau. Go on contemplative mountain lake hikes, marvel at the ancient stone pine forests, consciously breathe in the aromatic and fresh mountain air. And feel how contentment and serenity flood your body from the inside out. Because true happiness comes from within and can only be found by each individual.

Our mission is to make your stay in Mauterndorf as pleasant as possible and to give you all the "tools" to forge your own happiness!

In addition to oils and furniture, Swiss stone pine is also perfect for making a wholesome schnapps. Regionality and enjoyment are the top priorities in our Zirbenpension.

A treat for the palate with our landlord Günter

For the Zirbengeist, a speciality, Günter, our host, personally climbs the Zirbe to pick the most beautiful and juiciest Zirben cones.

The Zirbengeist a real treat for your palate - medicine for body and soul.

Once a week and for groups on request, there is a pine schnapps tasting with Günter in our house.

If you want to prepare it yourself - here is the recipe: The Swiss stone pines should be harvested when they are still soft and turn red. Take four pieces per litre, cut them into thick slices and put them into a large glass container. Candy sugar on top and  grain alcohol, then close with a lid, put in a warm place for about 5-6 weeks - not directly in the sun. Then filter and bottle. The amount of sugar is a matter of taste.