Your personal hiking paradise in Lungau

Experience hiking of the highest quality in the Lungau region

Discovering the world on foot

Be active. Be real. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and leave it behind. Instead, enjoy the view, feel and experience nature in all its facets. Hiking in the Lungau is a benefit for body and soul. The healing power of the Alps is known far beyond our borders. 60 mountain lakes and 45 farmed alpine pastures in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau give your hiking tour a special and natural touch.

The view is unique and invites you to dream. The mind lingers briefly at one of the many peaks, but then gently wanders around and enjoys the breathtaking distant view. The mountain world in Salzburger Land is a spectacle for all the senses. Marvel, experience and understand - let yourself be spoilt by a unique and pristine nature and enjoy an active summer holiday with every fibre of your being. The UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau offers a hiking experience of the highest quality, combines 60 crystal-clear mountain lakes with 45 managed alpine huts and offers unique feelings of freedom. Allow me: This is what hiking in the Lungau feels like.

Discover the many tours together with us. Whether you choose an easy hike with no metres in altitude to a hut, or a valley head with a waterfall as your destination, hike a themed hiking trail with the whole family or conquer the highest mountain in the Lungau, the Großer Hafner, it doesn't matter. There is a suitable tour for all levels of ability here in the Lungau.

Hiking in the Lungau will captivate you. Places of strength will give you comfort for heavy thoughts, rare moors will show you a still unseen animal and plant paradise. The 140 km long St. Leonhard's Pilgrimage Trail from Salzburg to Tamsweg leads through our region. Set out on your way. At Schau s' Lüftenegger, the simple life in nature is clear, free and tangible and very important: genuine.


Our favourite walk(s) for you!

Rise and shine, wake up and get out into nature. Hiking in the Lungau awaits you. It's time for unique moments, a picturesque hiking tour and unforgettable holiday experiences. In search of active happiness, nature lovers traditionally start early in the morning. What awaits us? Wonderful hours through the Weißpriach valley. We have more than one peak on offer for you.

The nature, the lovely landscape features as well as the rugged mountains make this valley something very special. Weißpriach is officially a World Heritage Site and was recently voted Austria's most beautiful place. And in our opinion, quite rightly so!

Here, all levels of ability, whether experienced mountaineers, quiet nature lovers, young or old, will find their personal hiking tour. Now you can set off, the world is open to you here!

Enjoy pristine nature, deep blue mountain lakes, a very special "lucky spot" as well as rushing and impressive waterfalls and many unforgettable moments.

Tips for your perfect equipment

You have thought of everything? You are motivated and well prepared for your tour to the Weißpriach valley? Or have you forgotten something? Don't worry, we have the most important tips and a small checklist for you:

sturdy and adequate footwear
- sun cream
- plenty of water
- weatherproof clothing
- sufficient provisions
- realistic assessment of your own ability
- headgear (cap)
- Walking sticks if necessary

Have you packed and considered everything? Then nothing stands in the way of your ascent. Have you also acquired a taste for hiking? Allow me: This is hiking in the Lungau!