Your high-altitude flight at Mauterndorf airfield

See the world from above and be free

The dream of flight

Just spread your arms and be free. Without pressure and without limits. Let us fly together. Into the day and out into the world. With Schau s' Lüftenegger and the highest alpine airfield in Mauterndorf, your wish will finally come true. Host Günter Lüftenegger is happy to offer you a ride in a motorised plane over the LOSM Mauterndorf over the Lungau mountains and the Emerald Lakes.

The quest for freedom and for a refreshing change of perspective have always been firmly anchored in the human being. We all want to let go, fly high and admire the world from above. For here we are happy. Here, the hurdles of everyday life degenerate into an insignificant side note. We want to know how the birds feel day in and day out. We can switch off and clear our minds. The dream of flying is omnipresent in many people.

With Schau s' Lüftenegger this, your, wish can soon come true. All you have to do is say yes and seize the opportunity. Landlord Günter makes it possible, as he often does. He is your personal pilot and takes you on a fascinating journey over the impressive Lungau mountains on the Smaragdseen flight. Take off at the highest alpine airfield, let go, enjoy unique moments and fly! You have earned it.

From the bird's eye view you get an even better insight and overview of our Lungau. A view that is definitely worthwhile and leaves nothing to be desired, - believe us...


The altitude of the Mauterndorf airfield at 1,110 metres above sea level, the picturesque ambience, the unspoilt nature and the perfectly maintained grass runway make the airfield truly unique. Countless flight routes through the Salzburg Alps start and end safely here. The expert support of experienced pilots with local knowledge from the Lungau Sports Aviation Club also ensure the necessary safety of guests and recreational pilots. Information worth knowing as well as essential flight data are handed out and communicated in advance. After all, a good pilot wants to be adequately informed about the general conditions and the conditions on site. Here you are in good hands.

Especially in calm weather conditions, all pilots are offered an ideal and safe take-off and landing site - unforgettable flying experiences are included. That is flying in the Lungau.

Have we aroused your interest.

Do we want to take off together and glide towards the horizon? Do you also aspire to freedom, a change of perspective and the perfect happiness of Echt.Sein.? High above the 1,000 square kilometre Lungau plateau, your dreams become reality. Glide along like the birds and create unforgettable holiday moments with a sightseeing flight in Mauterndorf. The UNESCO Biosphere Park Lungau lies majestically at your feet and shines with its natural beauty and colourful diversity.

Simply change your perspective, look at the world from above and be happy. Sounds good, doesn't it?