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Power of the Salzburg Mountains

Healing Power of the Alps

We are a "Healing Power of the Alps” business.

Criteria for “Healing Power of the Alps” businesses were developed by the Nature Academy, Salzburg Academy, Biosphere Reserve Lungau and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Our goal is to protect nature together, while at the same time taking advantage of nature’s countless health benefits. The focus of our offer is balanced, natural nutrition in combination with activity and exercise along with conscious relaxation. Four businesses in Lungau have already dedicated themselves to this theme, training their employees as “Healing Power of the Alps” mentors to offer their guests unforgettable holiday experiences of even greater value. Use your holidays to promote your own long-term wellbeing. It takes less effort than you might expect. We offer you the solid foundation for a vacation that is sure to rejuvenate you.

Now is the perfect time to book your timeout from the daily routine and dare to take your first step towards a consciously more healthful lifestyle!

The "Healing Power of the Alps" forum serves to

  •  promote research, preservation and documentation related to traditional healing approaches as a valuable part of our cultural heritage as well as integration into contemporary healthy resources in the Alpine world.
  •  promote a deeper, more experience-oriented understanding for the importance of our regional habitat both physically, mentally and spiritually.
  •  strengthen general awareness for the traditional, cultural and health relevance of natural regional resources.
  •  promote general health-, environmental- and nature consciousness and awareness of the cultural and tradition legacy of health resources within the Alpine world, and for their sustainable use.
  •  network all persons, institutions and businesses interested in the theme.
  •  strengthen the competitiveness of Alpine projects and businesses as sustainable health- and wellness destinations.
  •  promote sustainable concepts in dealing with natural resources
Organic Breakfast Buffet

Organic Breakfast Buffet

Every day, we offer a Biosphere Park Breakfast buffet just for our guests. It consists exclusively of organic, regional products from local farmers inside UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau.