Real.being. With show´s Lüftenegger

Decelerated. Grounded and real. Your holiday in the Lungau

Simply stop for a moment. Apply the brakes, slow down and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be real. Feel free and enjoy the soothing tranquillity of the Lungau. Now. For the sake of your own body. In the midst of the most beautiful nature of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau you will find the necessary ingredients to recharge your batteries. Experience a holiday with Schau´s  Lüftenegger that grounds you and gives you time to be offline from the world and online with yourself.

Vitality with the healing power of the Salzburg mountains

You want to be in direct contact with nature? Let's discover our roots together and feel the original energy of the Salzburg mountains. As a "Healing Power of the Alps - Business" we combine sustainability, balanced and regional nutrition with active movement and conscious relaxation. In doing so, we are constantly in invigorating exchange with our environment.

We use the healing power of the Alps in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Park Lungau as a basis.

Natural, at the source and genuine - this is how you consciously experience your holiday happiness with Schau s' Lüftenegger in Lungau.

Animal holiday happiness Schau´s  Lüftenegger in Lungau

There are friends for life that you don't want to miss at any time. Not even during the most beautiful time of the year. Would you like to share your unforgettable holiday experiences at Schau´s  Lüftenegger in Lungau with your faithful companion? Mauterndorf offers the perfect combination of active holiday and relaxation for you and your dog. Enjoy the diverse outdoor activities in Salzburger Land together with your four-legged friend and create memories. That's what friends for life are made of, isn't it?

The LungauCard in Mauterndorf: Unrivalled variety in one ticket

One card, countless possibilities - with the LungauCard, Lungau holidaymakers can expect an almost limitless variety of "all inclusive" and discounted activities for the whole family during the summer season. Between 1 June and 31 October, you will receive, among other things, free admission to the mountain railways, the various museums, the castles and the numerous other Lungau attractions. The convenient "Allround" ticket is provided for you at Schau s' Lüftenegger and available at any time. Take it, it's worth it!

Delicious Lungau - this is how your holiday tastes!

Regional delicacies, Salzburg delicacies and sustainable production - as a "Healing Power of the Alps" business, we at Schau s' Lüftenegger attach great importance to local products, high-quality production and lots of taste. Your healthy breakfast consists of a variety of natural products and comes from local farms in the area. Our Lungau region presents itself on your plate in an enjoyable and down-to-earth way. Taste the difference and start your holiday day in a healthy way. Enjoy your meal!

Colourful and varied - your events in the Lungau!

Your head is clear, body and soul have long been in rhythmic harmony. It's time to see something new, it's time to follow the colourful hustle and bustle and to get to know the traditions and people of the region. In and around Schau s' Lüftenegger in the Lungau, a variety of events ensure entertaining holiday moments and unique experiences. Whether guided hikes, museum visits, festivals or local weekly markets - your Lungau offers plenty to discover and experience.