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Mindfulness - a life in harmony with nature

You can already feel it when you stand in the middle of it - the energizing and healing power of the Alps. As the "Healing Power of the Alps" business in the  Salzburg Lungau, the Lüftenegger family is concerned about nature conservation and the health-related benefits of this for mankind.   

Our goal is to promote a harmonious give and take between man and environment. This will make your vacation in Salzburg a sustainable and regenerating experience - for yourself as well as for the flora and fauna.
Relaxation, revitalization, awareness - this is your vacation at Lüfteneggers.

Our vision
"Live, work and manage with and not against nature. We see the conscious perception of our environment as a great learning process every day.

Mindfulness means - To be full in the moment
"The happiness of a life depends on the nature of your thoughts. Since our life is what our thoughts make it"

Time-out flat rate - good for body and soul

Biosphärenfrühstück in Mauterndorf

Nature has its own laws. We do not try to control nature, but to follow it and live in harmony with it. In our time-out program we accompany you for four days with our partner Gratzgut with valuable tips and workshops on how to arrive on vacation in the right way to leave everyday life behind. Show you how to live and interact with nature through the 4 elements during a hike in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Salzburg Lungau and question the meaning of life in a seminar.

We would also like to encourage you to use your vacation to  decelerate, to come down, to find peace and  to recharge your batteries  and thus return home strengthened and happy. NOW is the time to think about what is really important for YOU in YOUR life, what has meaning. 

Here you find more infos (german). 

Our time out Partner- Das Gratzgut

Especially for our guests,  gives our partner Gratzgut - Gutes für Leib uns Seele 10% discount on the entire short offer. Don't hesitate to book your vacation in our house today and treat yourself to some time out with one of the countless courses offered at the Gratzgut.