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R/C Aviation in Lungau

The Lungau, and the village of Unternberg in particular, offers a special Alpine airfield for fans of piloting their own model airplanes.  The wind- and weather conditions for flying these remote-controlled planes are outstanding – in fact, Günter, the owner, is an avid R/C pilot himself. Workshops and other opportunities for fans of the R/C scene to exchange ideas and experiences are never in short supply.

While the rest of your family make themselves totally comfortable at the 1st Lungau Pine Guesthouse  in Mauterndorf, in our beautifully maintained apartments or in the holiday cottage, aviators can log all the flight time they could wish for. Look forward to spectacular acrobatics and a sense of boundless freedom!

Today’s the perfect time to book your R/C holiday at our 1st Lungau Pine Guesthouse in Mauterndorf.