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Perfekt Pine Power

Perfect well-being during your holiday at Lüftenegger´s first Zirbenguesthouse

“Queen of the Alps“ – this is how the „Zirben“ pine is popularly known, and prized both in Austria and world wide. At Lüftenegger´s first „Zirben“  guesthouse, this resilient and majestic coniferous tree plays a key role in the design and feeling of wellbeing for the guests.

The positive effect of the theraputic pine oils has been known for centuries. When used in living spaces and bedrooms, the wood’s aroma has a positive effect on the respiratory system, lowers blood pressure and aides restful sleep. In combination with increased REM phases, this contributes enormously to your quality of your relaxation and wellbeing.


Arrive and take a deep breath!

Growing at up to altitudes of 2,500 metres, the Pinus Cembra tree, „Zirben“ which is also known as Austrian stone pine can live for 1,000 years, and is found here in the Biosphere Park area of Land Salzburg. The precious oils are used for aromatherapy and the wood traditionally for furniture which imparts the soft aroma. The Austrians also make a very high quality „Zirben“ schnapps from the cones, a perfect way to enjoy the harvest of the Zirben tree!  A focus on regional produce, slow food and an authentic atmosphere are a priority at Lufteneggers First Zirben guesthouse.

Start your day with our Biosphere breakfast packed full of local goodness and you will be ready to enjoy an active day in this pristine, natural, nature area of Lungau. On hikes of the high Alpine pastures you will meet the people who produce the delicious cheeses, speck ,butter , bread, honey and much more, with love and attention to quality.

Recharge your energy levels with in this rarified environnment. Pure air, pure water, spectacular mountainscapes, and then come back to Luffeneggers to rest in contemporary comfort, where care and attention is focused on your wellbeing and giving you a taste of the relaxed, healthy Lungau lifestyle.


Tasting, feeling and experiencing the region with all your senses.

A pillar of our philosophy involves connecting you to the envirionment through outdoor activities and exercise in our unique mountain world, so you experience the environment with all your senses.

 Set out on a contemplative mountain lake hike, admire ancient pine forests, consciously take in the spicy nuances and deeply inhale the fresh mountain air. You will feel satisfaction and relaxation flooding through your body from deep within. True happiness comes from within after all and can be found by everyone. Our mission at Lüftenegger´s first „zirben’ guesthouse is to make your stay in Mauterndorf truely pleasurable and to provide you with all the “tools“ you need to find your own happiness! We look forward to welcoming you in any Season!