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UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau

A whole life in harmony with nature.

Fewer than 30,000 people live in an area of 1500 square kilometers. The Lungau has been officially recognized as particularly worthy of protection. We have obligated ourselves to conducting our business with a view to sustainability. Our species-rich cultural landscape as well as nurturing care for nature represent both an obligation and a challenge.

Special protected areas, located in the core zones, are subject to additional protections. These include unique moorlands as well as natural monuments. Business, tourism and agriculture in harmony – in order to introduce you better to our home region and the Biosphere Reserve, a group of guides were provided additional training. They are your expert companions, explaining the wonders of nature to you during a wide selection of outdoor activities. Look forward to a unique holiday that is both authentic and sustainable!

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Places of power, rare moorlands & a pilgrimage way

Places of power: in other words, oases of peace that do wonders for the soul. If you spend time at such places, you will quickly feel how much good the tranquility and the unique setting actually do for you.

Places you should have visited:

St. Leonhard’s Church and the Augenbründl

Visit the pilgrimage church which stands just above Tamsweg. The views will fascinate you, while the water which comes from the "Augenbründl", a small fountain by the church, is said to have healing powers. Pause for reflection.

Executioner’s Path on the Passeggen

Until the 17th century, the Passeggen near Tamsweg was the site of terrible executions. The theme path, punctuated by several info boards, depicts the age of witch burnings and the nature of medieval justice.

Glacier Mills in Mauterndorf

At the so-called Glacier Mills in Mauterndorf, visitors are given a description of how arsenic and silver were once processed as well as details about the original hammer mill.

Our region is actually home to several areas of rare moorlands. At the Überling close to the Prebersee, you will discover a virtually pristine moorland area teeming with rare plants and animals. A moor can be both cheerful and mysterious. A nest amid reeds looks like the hairdo of a moorland spirit. The area is flanked by alders and birches. In the dark shade of the moorland pond, an area of peat and decaying matter, nature becomes very mysterious. Take a hike across the moorlands and experience the magic for yourself.

Long-distance hiking paths and pilgrimage routes are becoming ever more popular. It’s probably a primal instinct after all, with people traveling on foot since prehistoric times. The special experiences of a long-distance hiking path, including the opportunity to find peace and rediscover who you truly are, are just two motives for taking on a trek like this. The 140 kilometers-long St. Leonhard’s Way leads from Salzburg to Tamsweg and can be completed in 4 to 6 daily stages. Guides are available to accompany you on each of the stages, if you so wish.