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Hosts with a passion

Back in 1929, Martin Lüftenegger established a painting business and built a new house on the so-called "Störkeusche" – once the site of a destructive fire. As early as the 1950s, the Mauterndorf native, together with his wife Maria, was already renting out rooms in the house to guests. For those days, the amenities they were able to offer their guests were quite progressive. Aside from comfortably furnished rooms, they also boasted hot & cold running water as well as central heating.

The gradual development of the “Grosseck-Speiereck” ski area also led to various building projects at the Lüftenegger house, including construction of the so-called “Stadei” for guests.

In 1964, Günter Lüftenegger Sr. took over the business. He recognized the potential of the Lungau as a tourist destination, continuing to develop his offer for guests. Thanks to his personal dedication and the increasing tourism demand, in the 1990s the Lüftenegger family built an additional apartment house.

Günter Lüftenegger - a motivated host

Since 1995, host Günter Lüftenegger has been taking care of his guests and their every need with a sense of pride and passion. And of course, always with the invaluable support of his family and friendly staff. Now as then, Lüftenegger’s is the perfect place to relax and feel completely at ease! As a “Healing Power of the Alps” business and with pine rooms that were just recently renovated in 2016 to guarantee a healthy night’s sleep at this, Lungau’s 1st Pine Guesthouse, the owner and nature lover strives constantly to offer his guests incomparable vacation days of inestimable value, here in the Lungau region. 

The comfort & wellbeing of our guests is our constant focus!