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Eat a healthy breakfast in the Lungau

Taste the nature of Salzburg, enjoy our region to the full!

Begin every day of your holidays with an exceptional Biosphere Park Breakfast buffet, featuring select foods from regional producers. As a “Healing Power of the Alps” business, we at Lüftenegger’s place great store in offering you a healthy breakfast rich in flavor and quality. On your breakfast table, you will only find high-quality products. A wide variety of natural foods come from local businesses in the immediate area. Taste the difference.

For a healthy start to your vacation day, you will find on our buffet:
•    A wide selection of sausage, ham & cheese
•    Homemade cheese spreads
•    Fresh breads, breakfast rolls & pastries
•    Farmhouse- & creamy butters 
•    Homemade jams
•    Honey, cereal & dried fruit
•    Coffee as well as a wide selection of teas
•    Yogurt & juices
•    Freshly prepared egg dishes made from organic eggs
•    Nettle water, elderberry water & water from Lungau’s Crystal Worlds

After a restful night’s sleep, recharge your batteries with a lavish breakfast at Lungau’s 1st Pine Guesthouse. When you are done, sign up right away for one of our guided hikes or other organized activities!

Healing Power of the Alps

We are a "Healing Power of the Alps” business.

Criteria for “Healing Power of the Alps” businesses were developed by the Nature Academy, Salzburg Academy, Biosphere Reserve Lungau and the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The primary purpose of the platform is to place the focus squarely on people.