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Healing Power of the Alps

Healing Power of the Alps

In peace lies strength! As a “Healing Power of the Alps” businesses, we are dedicated to the countless healthful benefits found naturally in the Alpine region. We know precisely just how healthy the mountains, outdoor exercise and nature are for people. 
Especially for the development and health of children, being active out in the fresh air is essential. Suitable to every age and physical condition, you will discover exciting theme paths focusing on water, animals and nature in general. In this way, children can playfully learn how to hike, while everyone will be able to sharpen their awareness for the wonders of Mother Nature.

Countless mountains await experienced hikers. Alpine tarns invite you to marvel, relax and “take the plunge” into cool, refreshing waters. Mountain huts entice you with delectable specialties to enjoy an extended break. Several times a week, we will take you by the hand and accompany you on a hike, or take you with us on a bicycle tour. From Herby, our biosphere genius, you will learn what herbs grow along the trail’s edge, the location of places of immense natural beauty, and also who makes the best Kaiserschmarrn-style pancakes in the region.

Set aside some time just for you! The beautiful world we are fortunate to call home conceals countless treasures that are neither loud nor fast. In our daily lives, there is often no room for peace & quiet. So, take full advantage of your valuable vacation time for the benefit of yourself or your whole family, in order to find yourself and gather strength for your eventual return to daily life. Our trained mentors are glad to accompany you on your journey. A holiday spent at Lüftenegger’s Pine Guesthouse is all about arriving, then finding the way back to who you truly are. Sleep deeply, breakfast healthily & exercise consciously! We look forward to seeing you here!

Now’s the perfect time to book your timeout from the daily routine and dare to take the first step towards a more conscious lifestyle!