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Be:Real. Salzburger Lungau. Holiday that ground you.

Authentic hosts promise authentic holiday experiences. They offer their guests extraordinary holiday moments, shaped by local traditions, their own outlooks on life and their personal passions.

The work your Lungau hosts gladly do day after day without a second thought gives you, our guests, the opportunity to enjoy a fresh glimpse into a whole new world. And whenever the outdoor action is too much for you, simply withdraw into the welcome seclusion of the mountains: Amid glorious nature, you might even forget to look at your mobile phone! And that is the goal, after all. Take the outside world offline, and get online with your own inner self!

Be.Real. at Lüftenegger’s. In contact with Mother Earth.

The noise of daily life or the stillness of a mountain tarn?
A hike to one of the Lungau mountain tarns is like a journey into your very soul. With every step you take towards this natural idyll, your rucksack full of daily cares seems to automatically grow lighter and lighter. When you reach the top, you already feel significantly freer, while every single fiber of your worn-down body is gradually cleansed. The sight of the crystal-clear water alone might suffice, though diving in is highly recommended. In short: Alpine tarns in Lungau are a rejuvenating treatment for body, mind and soul.

Did you enjoy a good night’s sleep?
The design of Lüftenegger’s Pine Guesthouse wasn’t merely a matter of chance. Far more, it was a conscious health strategy. A method to restore harmony to the body and mind of those who are overwhelmed and out of sync due to the stresses of daily life and career. The arolla pine is Lungau’s “flagship” wood, its aromatic fragrance is highly beneficial, even its grain alone has positive effects. The arolla pine is essentially Lungau’s “cure-all” – and perhaps the best evidence we have, that healing comes from the forest.